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Our commitment is to provide you quality and professional installation services based on the premise that there will be no “surprises” on your installation date.



The following guidelines will help ensure a smooth installation:

In-Home Measurement

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Schedule an in-home appointment for J&S Flooring to measure and assess your flooring needs

What to Expect

  • Measurement appointment will be confirmed
  • After the measurement has been taken and products have been selected, you’ll receive your inclusive quote. To speed up the process, please include your product selection when purchasing the detail

Please note: For your safety and the installer’s, the removal of vinyl flooring from homes built before 1986 is not allowed. Installation fees and additional charges may be based on total flooring recommended by J&S Flooring (based on the assessment of unique characteristics of your project). J&S Flooring’s recommendation will include waste and will exceed actual room square footage.

Installation Scheduling

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Once the quote has been accepted, and products and services purchased and all material is received, J & S Flooring will contact you to schedule the installation.

You will also be contacted the day before the installation to confirm the appointment and necessary details of the installation.  This may take place via phone, email or text message.

What to Expect

Prior to day of install

  • Unless your contract includes the services for furniture moving and rip and haul of exiting flooring, you should make arrangements to have your furniture moved and existing flooring torn out and removed from all rooms receiving new carpeting prior to the day of installation. Existing tack strips should be left in place, and Independent Subcontractor will determine what sections to replace.
  • The area to receive new flooring must have climate control, power, adequate lighting, a minimum of 48 hours before and after installation. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of your Installation Services customer contract for more information.
  • Unplug all items; disconnect and remove all electronics (computers, stereos, large screen TVs, VCR, DVD, etc).
  • Clear closet floors up to 3 feet high, remove items under beds, bed coverings, lamps, knick-knacks, fragile, high value, sentimental value items and antiques.
  • Remove glassware from china cabinets, remove books from freestanding bookcases and pictures from walls.
  • If there are pet soiled areas, the customer must have them cleaned prior to the installation.

Day of Install

  • If included in your contract, Independent Subcontractor will move normal household furniture, tear out and haul away your existing flooring. If the services are not included in your contract, then you will need to make arrangements to have this done prior to the day of installation.
  • An individual 18 years of age or older must be present for both the detail and installation.
  • Independent Subcontractor will verify correct new flooring with customer prior to starting job.
  • Customer should identify any wiring (may be hidden) in the new flooring area (alarm, monitoring systems, home theater, etc).
  • Customer should inform Independent Subcontractor if you would like to keep existing flooring and where to put it.
  • Please ensure children and pets are not in the installation area during the installation.
  • Potential exists for minor scuffing of baseboards/walls. (Note: scuffing will be worse with new paint.)

Please note: If furniture moving is included in your contract, Independent Subcontractor will move normal household furniture (on the day the installation begins).

  • Independent Subcontractor will not move certain items such as antiques, electronics, pianos, pool tables, waterbeds, aquariums, safes, pin ball machines, exercise equipment, etc. If additional charges apply for moving furniture, the Independent Subcontractor will advise the customer and the additional charges will be included in the quote.

Installation Day

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  • The independent subcontractor will arrive within the specified time frame window to introduce their team and conduct a pre-installation inspection and review the job in detail with you.  They will confirm the correct color/sizes/rooms to be completed before the installation begins.  They will discuss with you a list of any existing damage found before starting if necessary.
  • The independent subcontractor will make a post-installation inspection with you to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

After installations is completed

  • The independent subcontractor will clean, sweep and/or vacuum areas after installation.
  • Surplus materials will be placed on your premises where you want them, or disposed of if necessary.

Please note: Unforeseen sub-floor problems may prevent the job from being installed as sold and require you to pay for additional material and/or labor.  Concrete moisture levels will be tested again the day of installation and could delay or prohibit installation.


More Info:
  • Once your installation is complete and even after the independent subcontractors leave your home, you will receive a call or email from the J&S Flooring office to review your installation and make sure you are completely satisfied with the installation.
  • You may also receive a call or email to survey your installation experience and rate the craftsmanship and professionalism of the independent subcontractors who completed your work.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  Anything less, we feel we have failed us so please call our office with any concerns.
  • Thank you for welcoming us into your home and allowing us to work on your home improvement project.  We appreciate your business!

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